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Water Conservation

Lower Your Utility Bills

with These Exclusive Water Conservation Tips

Pearson Services believes that water conservation is important to not just the environment, but your budget, as well. By conserving water, you're simultaneously lowering your utility bills. Stop by our office or contact us today for additional tips on how you can conserve water. After all, water conservation begins with you.

Tips for Saving Water

• Run Only Full Loads in Your Dishwasher & Clothes Washer
• Check Toilet for Leaks
• Use Low-Flow Shower Heads or Flow Restrictors in Regular Shower Heads
• While You Wait for Hot Water to Come Down the Pipes, Catch the Flow in a Watering Can to Use Later on House Plants or Your Garden
• Shorten Your Shower by a Minute & You'll Save up to 150 Gallons Per Month
• Poor a Bit of Food Coloring into Your Toilet's Tank to Determine if Water Is Seeping into Your Bowl without Being Flushed
• Use an Inexpensive, Water-Efficient Shower Head to Save up to 750 Gallons a Month
• Turn off the Water While Brushing Your Teeth to Save25 Gallons a Month
• Turn off the Water While You Shave to Save up to 300 Gallons a Month
• Listen for Dripping Faucets & Running Toilets to Save 300 Gallons a Month

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Tips for Saving Water