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Spetic Tank

From Porta-John™ Rentals to Septic Systems

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Provide your guests with clean restrooms no matter what the event with the help of Pearson Services. As a full-service plumbing contractor, we specialize in everything from Porta-John Rentals to installing advanced septic systems. We are not only dedicated to providing you with quality products and services, but also saving you money.

Pearson Services provides clean and affordable portable restrooms for all types of construction sites and special events. Our units are serviced with some of the industry's most modern equipment and our chemicals and paper are environmentally friendly.

Septic Systems
All household waste is disposed of through the septic system. The proper operation of the septic is essential to health, property value, and the environment. The simple fact is this: a neglected system will become blocked, have an obnoxious odor, overflow, and pollute. A small commitment to the care of your septic system through regular pumping and the use of the SK3 will protect you from the nightmare created by a failing system. Contact our plumbing contractor at (888) 658-1628 in Louisville, Mississippi, for everything from advanced septic systems to Porta-John rentals.

Portable Toilet,  Septic Systems in Louisville, MS
Understanding Your Septic System
In urban and suburban areas there are sewers to carry household waste to municipal wastewater treatment plants. In more rural areas, however, septic tank systems provide the functions of both sewers and treatment plants. If you could look inside your septic tank, you would find 3 layers. The top layer is the scum layer where organic material floats to the surface. Bacteria in the septic tank biologically converts this material to a liquid. The middle layer is the effluent layer where mostly clear water will be found. This clear water is the only layer that should enter your absorption area. The bottom layer is the sludge layer. This layer is where the inorganic or inert solid materials and the byproducts of bacterial digestion sink to.

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